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It is a relatively new field of an illustration. Its beginning is dated on the first half of XX century.
The term CONCEPT ART is used to the kind of illustration which aim is to present an idea. Earlier, the concept art illustrators fulfilled themselves mainly in projecting (or inventing) machines, eg. cars, trains, spacecrafts. Today however, the concept art graphics is applicable mainly in the cinematography, computer games and comic books. The technique is not important but creativity matters. In result the objects, characters and even whole worlds are transferred from the illustrator’s imagination to the screen, paper or canvas.

What is The Best Polish Illustrators 2?

It is an exclusive and unique album.
On 312 pages we present the best works of about 35 prominent Polish contemporary illustrators in CONCEPT ART category. We also found a space to present in little more expanded form few of the most interesting projects. After all, Polish artists create games or animated pictures which gain recognition and are successful all over the world.
The album is a continuation of The Best Polish Illustrators series. The first volume we devoted to press illustration. You can see the red volume here: TBPI 1

Honorary Publishers and pre-sale

The project is realized in pre-sale. This is a guarantee that each album will be delivered only for those who really want and need it. Thanks to confirmation of the orders before the publishing of the album we can very precisely plan its release. It lets us optimize the costs. Every zloty we will spend on improving the quality.
We would like to thank you for the trust and patience. It is the reason why the first pages of our album we devoted to the co-editors. If you want to be on this pages and commemorate your contribution to The Best Polish Illustrators 2 just order TBPI 2 in the first phase of pre-sale and give your name in the order. We will print it and it will stay there forever.

Several sample works

Today we present several works of the illustrators who will be published in The Best Polish Illustrators 2 | CONCEPT ART. Each day we will add next visualizations.

The list of illustrators

The committee made a choice and over 35 illustrators will be published in The Best Polish Illustrators 2 | CONCEPT ART album. Below we present most of the names. We will add others each day when the artist confirm his agreement to be in the album.

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Perfect binding, paper and printing

The album is made on the highest possible level. We had chosen uncoated, noble, mat paper to underline all illustration features. On that kind of paper the artists work on a daily basis. We will do a printing in the offset technique in high ruling to extract the slightest details and faithfully reflect colours. The letters will be embossed with silver foil which ideally contrasts with the black cover and corresponds with white etui. The binding in decisive colours is neutral in relation to a content. We corrected a few details in relation to the first volume so the second one will be more polished. You can choose Polish or English version of the album.

Technical specification of the Artbook

Format: A4 (210×297 mm), without the case (box)
Number of pages: 312
Thickness: over 40 mm
Paper inside: Munken Polar 130 g/m, by Arctic Paper
Paper on the cover: 3 mm cardboard covered with coloured black metallic paper
Print: Offset, full colour
Binding: hard, sewn
Ennoblements: cover and case slivering, ribbing, lacquer, foil on the case (inside too)
Content: developed presentation of about 35 Polish illustrators and few projects (games, movies)
Language version: Polish or English (for your choice)
Delivery: August 11, 2017
The way of delivery: courier company UPS

There are many interesting solutions which lift up the attractiveness of the album but we are not able to show it to you through the web page. For example, the unique paper, the embossing or metallic structure of the cover. We will do everything so that the album, when you receive it, makes the impression of what you see on the our web page. In the final version it may slightly differs from the one presented on the visualizations. The differences – if they occur – will be minimal and only justified by used technologies. All technical parameters described below will be obviously used.

Great gift or souvenir

It would be very nice if you have our album in your library. You can make a gift for someone close to you too. Never before in Poland was created such album. Certainly the receiver will appreciate the unique gift. It is worth to mention that the album is packed in double box so that during unpacking it is not destroyed inside. The elegant box is ready for presentation. In this way we packed our first volume.

Content – the most important thing…

Poland is famous for its press, concept art and poster illustration. Even though, the last years were not gracious for this art field. The first symptoms of the comeback of the popularity of Polish illustration occurred in 2012.
It is worth to mention that {slow} magazine published by SLOW foundation through numerous publications of Polish illustrators works accelerated and helped this process. Seeing how many positive results were after publications in 2012 – 2017 we decided to publish together with you The Best Polish Illustrators album. On the Polish market there were no such publishing since decades! In the album we focused on concept art illustration but it is not easy to present every prominent Polish artists on 300 pages of the album.

The collection of the Polish illustrators

Few years ago we wanted to publish the album with the Polish illustration. When we started working on it the biggest problem was the choice. It is not easy to choose a small group from the hundreds of prominent artists. We made a decision to group artists in the order of the kind of illustration they create and to publish few volumes of the album. We have already released the volume with press illustration, here we gather the funds to publish the second volume with the concept art illustration. We dream about releasing the volumes with books illustration and Polish posters illustration. We will be proud if you decide to make up your collection. If you do not have the first volume, see this link: KOLEKCJA TBPI. Each next volume will be published so that they create indivisible collection and cover the maximal scope of works of the polish illustrators (the contemporary and the ones that were working years ago).

How we were choosing the illustrators

We have been working on the list of the best illustrators for two years. We wanted to make objective choice if we can be objective during the assessment of the works of arts. To make the final decision we cooperated with many prominent persons form different environments: academic, artistic and journalists, culture experts and art historians too. Due to many discussions, and finally, with trembling heart we made a choice. This is a subjective choice. We did everything though to publish only the best polish illustrators in the album.
We did not care about popularity stats, we did not yield under pressure, trends and stereotypes. We focused on the illustration.
We really care that TBPI No. 2  | CONCEPT ART| will be a worthy representation of the Polish artists in Europe and all over the world. The best Polish illustrators according to SLOW are a huge section of the works of contemporary concept art illustrators.
In few days we will present a part from dozens artists names whose profiles will be published in The Best Polish Illustrators | No. 2. | CONCEPT ART

The album is pre-sale released

We are a foundation, non-profit organization. It is why the profit is not the most important thing but the result which is in accordance with the statutory goals of SLOW foundation. The realization of the project is thanks to founds gathered in pre-sale and it lets us to optimize the costs perfectly and to devote all attention and budget to substantive value and quality. This approach was successful during publishing the {slow} magazine and during publication of the first volume of The Best Polish Illustrators.
Thank you very much for this!
We are fully independent. We do not compromise.
Thanks to you we are releasing the best album ever made.
You will have to wait for The Best Polish Illustrators 2 till August, but order it in advance. In the moment of accepting to take part in our project you resign from the possibility of removing your order, you rely only on our word… All this makes that we are very determined and our honor is to meet your expectations and give you more than you expect.

This project is not only the album…

Together with the publication of the first volume of TBPI we started a cycle of exhibitions all over the world on which we present the works published in our album. The first exhibition of The Best Polish Illustrators cycle took place in the Polish Institute in Vienna. We would like to thank the whole Institute crew for the perfect organization and the Vienna people for the interest in Polish art. During the very first day the exhibition had a huge success gathering hundreds of visitors. We are planning the next ones, among others in Berlin, New York, Budapest, Prague, Paris… The same plan will happen to the works published in the second volume of TBPI. Few photos from the Vienna exhibition below.

The timetable of The Best Polish Illustrators 2 production

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